Water Tank  Brackets - Chassis side mount  


    Water Tank - Rectangular” Base Mount” welded bottom plate     Tap and Cap Included    


    Round Water Tanks - with NO  mounting bracket.          Tap and Cap  Included

Round Water Tanks - with mounting bracket welded on       -      Tap and Cap Included

Drawbar accessories.

We supply a large range of trailer and tipper Body Hardware including Aluminium Grain Doors & Grain chutes, Aluminium Drop Down Ladders, Aluminium Submarine Doors, Drawbar Springs, Drawbars, Drawbar covers, Drawbar Pins & Bushes, Weight Gauges, Water Tanks and Tool Boxes. We also supply rear pivot kits in feet or bush type, side swing tailgate kits and pins and bush kits to suit your drawbars. Also stocking various size twistlocks including cast housings.

Drawbar Accessories including dog trailer drawbar drawbar hinge kits, drawbar pivot arms, pivot bush kits, weld on drawbar attachment trailer side, drawbar springs, drawbar shroud protector.

Drawbar A Frame Accessories - Water Tanks.

Truck Water Tanks.

Drawbar Springs

Drawbar Covers

Pivot Bushes

Trailer Hanger

Drawbar Attachment


Pivot arm

Water Tanks and accessories to suit most applications including round and rectangle with brackets to suit

Cap          Size in mm          Weight            Material Specs                                                       Part#                 

50 Litre    550 L x 360 H       5.90 kg          AluminiumAA3003 H14  (Matte)                       RET-WT020    

50 Litre    550 L x 360 H       5.90 kg          AluminiumAA3003 H14 (Polished)                   RET-WT021    

50 Litre    550 L x 360 H       10.77 kg        Stainless steel GD 304  (polished)                   RET-WT026    

Cap          Size in mm          Weight            Material Specs                                                             Part#                 

50 Litre    550 L x 360 H       5.16 kg       AluminiumAA3003 H14  (Matte)                                  RET-WT022  

50 Litre    550 L x 360 H       5.16 kg        AluminiumAA3003 H14 (Polished)                             RET-WT023  

50 Litre    550 L x 360 H       9.17 kg        Stainless steel GD 304  (polished)                             RET-WT027    

50 Litre    550 L x 360 H       6.27 kg        2mm AluminiumAA3003 H14(polished)                     RET-WT050     

50 Litre    550 L x 360 H       8.26 kg        2mmAluminiumAA3003 H14(polished)                      RET-WT052    

25 Litre    170 L x 370 H   400D     3.8 kg     AluminiumAA3003 H14(polished)                      RET-WT041  

25 Litre    170 L x 370 H   400D     3.8 kg     AluminiumAA3003 H14(polished)                        RET-WT028  

25 Litre    170 L x 370 H   400D     6.9 kg     Stainless steel GD 304  (polished)                       RET-WT029    

Black Powdercoated steel                 Mild steel grade 250     Black/matte/smooth                 RET-WT032  

Suit 50 Litre Tank               9.26 kg    4mm Th bracket              059/80450

                                                            3mm Strap               EZP Nuts/washers

                                                                                               Strap rubber


  Water Tank  Brackets - Saddle Straps - Gal

Gal steel pair                                       Mild steel grade 250         HDG Finish                                      RET-WT033    

Suit 50 Litre Tank               4.49 kg    4mm Th bracket            EZP Nuts/washers                                                                                

                                                             3mm Strap                       Strap rubber


   Water Tank  Brackets - Saddle Straps - Stainless  

Stainless steel pair                             Stainless Grade 304                                                     RET-WT060  

Suit 80 Litre Tank               4.13 kg    3mm Th bracket                   Polished

                                                           2mm Strap                   S/Steel Nuts/washers

                                                                                                      Strap rubber

   Water Tank - Spare Parts

Stainless steel  pair                              Stainless Grade 304                                                   RET-WT061  

Suit 100 Litre Tank               5.25 kg    3mm Th bracket                   Polished

                                                             2mm Strap                      S/Steel Nuts/washers

                                                                                                       Strap rubber

Water Tank Tap (plastic)



Water Tank Cap (plastic)



Part No Description Price
2514 Hinged Trailer drawbar spring 757mm long 52.7mm diam Road train or Dolly use Call
DBRCOV Plastic drawbar covers Yellow to eliminate damage to eyes and plugs Call
TQA-SP20 Pivot Bush Kit, suit Drawbar hangers 2x pin and 4 neoprene bushes,nuts, washers Call
TQA-SP29 Trailer Front Hanger (suit overslung suspensions) complete with drawbar attachment Call
TQA-SP30 Trailer weld-on drawbar attachment (trailer side) Call
TQA-SP27 Trailer weld-on drawbar pivot arm (drawbar side) Call

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    Water Tank - Rectangular” Side Mount” welded bottom plate     Tap and Cap Included