Truck Hoist Hydraulics                        Tipping Hoist - Hydraulic Cylinders

Truck and Trailer parts stock and can source seal kits and hoists suitable for the following applications, including truck hoist, 3 and 4  axle dog trailer hoists and semi trailer hoist’s with capacity’s from 22.0 tonne up to 50 tonne. Hoists available in well mount, raised trunion type and front mounted types.

Greater capacity hoists and custom hoists available on request.

Features : Suitable for Tipper bodies, Dog trailers, Semi trailers, B doubles.

                 Available in Well mount (underbody) and front mount.

                 Many different stroke sizes to ensure ideal tipping angle of 48 degrees.

                 Standard and Raised Trunion available.

                 Sold with feet and clevis.

Hoist Hydraulics.

Front Mount Cylinder - Hydromas

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