Pnveumatic Valves.

Truck Pneumatic Valves, solenoid, push- pull, single acting and double acting we stock all varieties to suit most applications.

Pneumatic Valves.

3 port push/pull switch 1/4” port             PV3L210-08                   

5 port push/pull switch 1/8” port              PV4L110-06                 

3 port 12V solenoid valve                       PV3V1-06-12V                 

3 port 24V solenoid valve                    PV3V1-06-24V                    

5 port 24V solenoid valve                  PV4V220-08BA                   

5 port 12V solenoid valve                        PV4V220-08B                    

5 port 1/4” push/pull valve                         PVL522-08L                      

1/4” port pressure regulator                      PVER2000                         

12V air solenoid valve                           AA288905C91                         

Single acting valve 24V                              MET-SV001                           

Single acting valve 12V                              MET-SV002                           

Double acting valve 12V                              MET-SV003                         

Double acting valve 24V                              MET-SV004                           

12V air solenoid valve                           AAKN268237                        

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