Powder Coated (Black)                           Traditional Style

Truck and trailer Toolboxes have been designed to suit a broad range of truck and trailer use, including semi trailers, low loaders, tippers and body trucks.

Our standard range is available in matte black powder coated steel, with stainless steel Drop T latches, pinch weld seal and steel cable lanyards.

The same range is also available with a polished stainless steel lid in addition to full stainless steel

(matte body and polished lid).  Aluminium checker plate is available in one size.

Tool Boxes.


Powder coated Steel,    Powder coated Steel with Polished Stainless

Steel Lid, Full Stainless Steel, Aluminium Checkerplate, Stainless Steel Drop T Latches, Lanyards, Pinchweld Rubber Seal.

Size in mm                                Part#            

1500 L x 500 H  x 500 D           RET-TB008    

1200 L x 350 H x 500 D            RET-TB009    

1200 L x 500 H x 500 D             RET-TB010  

1000 L x 500 H x 500 D             RET-TB011    

800 L x 500 H x 500 D               RET-TB012    

600 L x 400 H x 500 D               RET-TB013    

500 L x 350 H x 400 D               RET-TB014    

Size in mm                                    Part#                  

1200 L x 450 H  x 450 D                RET-TBC1200    

900 L x 450 H x 450 D                   RET-TBC900       

600 L x 450 H x 450 D                   RET-TBC600       

Size in mm                                    Part#                

1200 L x 350 H  x 500 D                RET-TB025     

1200 L x 500 H x 500 D                 RET-TB026     

1000 L x 500 H x 500 D                 RET-TB027     

800 L x 500 H X 500 D                  RET-TB028     

600 L x 400 H X 500 D                  RET-TB029     

500 L x 350 Hx 400 D                    RET-TB030     

Powder Coated (Black) Recessed Lid                     Traditional Style

      Powder Coated stainless steel door                                                               Traditional Style

    Powder Coated stainless steel door - "THE EDGE" Curved edging to lid

Size in mm                                    Part#                 

1200 L x 450 H  x 450 D               RET-TET047    

900 L x 450 H x 450 D                  RET-TET048     

600 L x 450 H x 450 D                  RET-TET049     

  Stainless steel (Light Duty) mill finish - traditional style

   Stainless steel (Light Duty)      "THE EDGE" Curved edging to lid

   Stainless steel (Heavy Duty) - "THE EDGE" Curved edging to lid

Size in mm                                    Part#                 

1200 L x 500 H  x 500 D                RET-TB090       

1000 L x 500 H x 500 D                 RET-TB091       

800 L x 500 H x 500 D                   RET-TB092       

Size in mm                                    Part#            

600 L x 400 H  x 500 D                 RET-TB031     

900 L x 450 H x 450 D                  RET-TB032     

Size in mm                                    Part#                 

600 L x 450 H  x 450 D                  RET-TET029     

Aluminium Checker Plate     Traditional style  checker plate matt finish.

Size in mm                                     Part#                 

1200 L x 450 H  x450 D                  RET-TET027     

900 L x 450 H x 450 D                    RET-TET028     

     Aluminium Checker Plate-Traditional style  checker plate- matt finish

   Tool Box Accessories. Steel tool box straps "underbody - suits TB series Tool Boxes

Size in mm                                     Part#               

600 L x 400 H  x                            RET-TB023     

Size in mm                                     Part#                 

1500 L x 500 H                               RET-TB060         

1200 L x 350 H                               RET-TB033       

1200 L x 500 H                               RET-TB034         

1000 L x 500 H                               RET-TB035         

  800 L x 500 H                               RET-TB036       

  600 L x 400 H                               RET-TB037         

  500 L x 400 H                               RET-TB038       

Steel Tool Box Straps”Underbody-suits TET series Tool boxes

  900 L x 450 H            5.4 kg                    RET-TET036       

  600 L x 450 H            4.5 kg                    RET-TET038       

“L” Brackets/Chassis mount   Fits all sizes                                          

  500mm L  LH/RH pair 11.0 kg ,                   Mild Steel Grade 250,



Tool Box Spare Parts                                                                        

Drop T Latch Stainless Steel        S/Steel Grade 304  Polished


Plastic Key Hole cover                                RET-DT002                        

   Mine Services  Tool Boxes

TOOL BOX: Mine Service Vehicle Box


DRAWERS:  3 x Internal Drawers with latches &

6 x Internal Shelf Compartments (removable)

LID TYPE:  Gull Style Full Lid

MATERIAL:  Aluminium Powdercoated White 2.5mm thick

(also available in Steel painted white 1.5mm thick)

LENGTH:  1400mm

DEPTH:     600mm

HEIGHT:    900mm

WEIGHT:   96kg approx

Part Number:  MSV1400A

INCLUDED:  2 x Gas Struts, 2 x Stainless Steel T Latches,

2 x Stainless Steel Piano Hinge, pinch weld rubber seal

MOUNTING:  No brackets included

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