Our Tow Couplings include the heavy duty weld on Ringfeder tow eye, the weld on demountable type Ringfeder rock tow eye, the pintle weld on demountable tow eye, bartlett 127mm ball and hood assembly, 7.5,13,21.5,30.0 tonne safety chain attach sets, Hayman Reece pintle adaptors, Ringfeder tow eye lock, Ringfeder tow eye bush and the 70mm 4500kg rated tow ball and hood.

Truck Tow Couplings.

Automatic Tow Couplings & Tow Hitches

Towing Eyes

rockinger coupling
rockinger 500
tow coupling rockinger
rockinger ro-243
vorlandi coupling
replacement tow kits
towing eye bush

Towing Eye Lock 10mm thick top and bottom plate, case hardened. No padlock. Uses highly developed super lock bolt Anti drill centre pin. Lock bolt can only be locked or unlocked using key, 2 keys provided. Easy to operate. Only the lock bolt needs to be removed to unlock trailer.

Tow Eye Bush suit 50mm Coupling-split            JOT-16-888       

Tow Eye Bush suit 50mm Coupling                    JOT-16-886     

Replacement Kit suits 202AUS           TRT-TCK1011           Call for Prices

Description Application CRN Dvalue Max vert load Part No Price
Rockinger 400-40mm Tow coupling #1 Agricultural Type 43195 130Kn 1000kg JOT-RO400 Call
Rockinger 500B-50mm Automatic coupling(long handle) #2 Hinged Drawbars 43545 260Kn 2500kg JOT-RO500 Call
Rockinger 56E-50mm Tow coupling articulated head #3 Heavy duty highway off-road 39824 314Kn xxxx JOT-RO56E Call
Rockinger 243-40mm Automatic Tow coupling#4 Max tow load 20Tn for inside factory 43247 30Kn 350kg JOT-RO243 Call
Ringfeder 202 Aus-50mm Auto coupling #5 Hinged Drawbars 41398 285Kn xxxx TRT-202AUS Call
V.Orlandi 50mm Coupling #6 Hinged Drawbars XXXX 280Kn 2500kg TRT-E516 Call

Description Application CRN Dvalue Max vert load Part No Price
40mm Weld on eye Agricultural Type 24527 120Kn xxxx JOT-ROCK57374 Call
50mm Weld on eye Hinged Drawbars 29202 191Kn 10000kg JOT-ROK57272 Call
50mm Weld on eye heavy Duty Hinged Drawbars 24529 314Kn 10000kg JOT-ROCK57394 Call
50mm demountable eye inc block Hinged Drawbars 29201 191Kn 10000kg JOT-ROK57254 Call
25Tn Swivel eye Agricultural Type n/a 285Kn 25000kg JOT-AL-002762 Call
15Tn Swivel eye Agricultural Type n/a 280Kn 15000kg JOT-AL-002764 Call
10Tn Swivel eye Agricultural Type n/a 280Kn 10000kg JOT-AL-002763 Call

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