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Truck Tow Bars from 3500kg ATM to 30,000kg ATM to suit 50 mm ball, Pintle Hooks, Bartlett Ball and automatic couplings like Ringfeder . Tow Bars come with installation instructions and compliance tag once installation has been completed.

Features : Simplified compliance ,Cost effective, manufactured by industry specialists.

King Pins in 2” 50mm and 3.5” 90mm to suit 8, 10, 12 and 16mm skid plates on Semi trailers, B Double Trailers, low Loaders and Road Train applications. The King Pins are high quality and ADR approved.

Truck Tow Hitches and Connections.

50mm Ball          3500kg ATM             outside      TBR350001-3.5T                  $745.20

                     Truck Tow Bars  50mm Ball and Pintle Hooks

NOTE : Towbar only does not include ball or hitch.

Suits 50mm ball

3500kg ATM, outside mount. TBR350001-3.5T.

Pintle Hoooks + receive ball & mount 50mm ball

&000kg ATM, outside mount, TBR1250H001-7T

Pintle hooks

7000kg ATM, outside mount. TBR1200H001-7T

Pintle hooks

15000kg ATM, outside mount. TBR1300H001-15T

Pintle hook 6 bolt

21500kg ATM, outside mount. TBR1400H001-21.5T, $1,673.70.

30000kg ATM, TBR1400H002-31T, $1,764.90

NOTE : Towbar only, does not include ball or hitch.

Barlett 95mm Ball

7000kg ATM, outside mount. TBR1200H00B001–7T

Barlett 127mm Ball

1300kg ATM, outside mount. TBR1300B001-13T

Barlett 127mm Ball

21500kg ATM, outside mount. TBR1400B001-21.5T, $1,589.30.

30000kg ATM, outside mount, TBR1400B002-30T, $1,661.50

                        Truck Tow Bars  Bartlett Ball

Barlett 127mm Ball

21500kg ATM, inside mount. TBR1700B001-21.5T, $2,270.20

30000kg ATM, inside mount,TBR1700B002-30T, $2,795.50

                                                        Truck Tow Bars  Automatic Pin

Automatic Pin Heavy Duty Pintle 40 & 50mm

1700kg ATM, outside mount. TBR1300A-15T

Automatic Pin Heavy Duty Pintle

21500kg ATM, outside mount. TBR1400A001-21.5T, $1,631.60

30000kg ATM, outside mount, TBR1400A002-31T, $1,735.80

Automatic Pin Heavy Duty Pintle

21500kg ATM, inside mount. TBR1400H001-21.5T, $2,205.70.

30000kg ATM, inside mount, TBR1400H002-31T, $2,294.80

                                                               King Pin 50mm 2"

Size Skid Plate Applications CRN D Value P/N Price
50mm 8mm Semi Trailer 24156 190kn JOT-KZ1008 Call
50mm 10mm B Double 24156 190kn JOT-KZ1010 Call
50mm 12mm Road Train 24156 190kn JOT-KZ1012 Call
Size Skid Plate Applications CRN D Value P/N Price
90mm 8mm Low Loaders 24811 190kn JOT-KZ1408 Call
90mm 10mm Low Loaders 24811 163kn JOT-KZ1410 Call
90mm 12mm Low Loaders 24811 163kn JOT-KZ1412 Call
90mm 18mm Low Loaders 24811 163kn JOT-KZ1416 Call

                                                               King Pin 90mm 3.5"

                                                              King Pin Accessories

truck 50mm kingpin
truck kingpin lock
truck 90mm kingpin

Replacement 50mm King Pin      24156    190kn    JOT-KZ1012/01    

only to suit KZ1008 - KZ1012

Replacement  bolts only              24156    190kn    JOT-KZ1012/3     

X8 to suit KZ1008 - KZ1012

Replacement 90mm King Pin      24811    190kn              JOT-KZ1012/01    

only to suit KZ1408 - KZ1416

Replacement  bolts only              24811    190kn    JOT-KZ1012/3     

X8 to suit KZ1408 - KZ1416

DS 2000 is a lightweight and safe King Pin lock that is

made of corrosion resistant materials. The unit  not only

protects the king pin itself but also covers the mounting

bolts to ensure complete protection from theft. It comes

standard with a water and dust proof cylinder type lock

and can be used with either the standard keys or

master key.                                                                             JOT-DS2000            

Wear Limit King Pin Gauge                                         JOT-PROMO ITEM100     

wear limit king pin guage

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