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Truck Brake Parts

ABS and EBS plugs and sockets. Automatic Brake Adjusters, Slack Adjusters, Trailer Air Tanks, Brake Chambers and Service, Spring or Disc types. Also brake shoe kits for trailers.  If there is something you need but don't see it here call us and we will endeavour to order your parts from our large supplier network or email us with your details.

ABS and EBS Plugs and Sockets.

ABS plugs

ABS male plug 12V


ABS plugs

ABS female socket 12V


ABS male plug 24V


ABS plugs

ABS female socket 24V


ABS plugs

EBS male plug 24V


ABS plugs

EBS female socket 24V


Bendix type automatic stroke adjuster.

stroke adjuster

Bendix ASA-5 SureStroke automatic adjuster incorporates a clutch type adjuster mechanism that continuously adjusts the brakes with every application to compensate for lining wear.

ABT-065172    10 spline    

ABT-065172     28 spline  

ABT-065172     37 spline    

Trailer Air Tanks.

air tanks


24 litre trailer air tanks

diam 232mm,

  length 699mm,    cap 24 litre ,                         

ports qty                 port size

     3                       3/4” NPTF

     2                       1/2”NPTF

     1                       1/4’ NPTF

air tanks


aluminium air tank


15 litre aluminium air tanks

diam 180mm,

length 750mm,    cap 15 litre ,                         

ports qty                 port size

    2                       3/8”NPTF

    3                       1/4’ NPTF

60ltr air tank


60 litre trailer air tanks (jumbo)

diam 340mm,

length 699mm,    cap 60 litre ,                        

ports qty                    port size

       4                       3/4” NPTF

       2                       1/2”NPTF

       1                       1/4’ NPTF

Air dryer purge tanks

diam 203mm,   length 88mm,    

cap 5 litre ,          ports qty                                   

port size

    3                       M22 x 1.5


tank straps

ABT-JUMBO-01 (tank)

ABT-JUMBO-02 (straps specify)

Air dryer purge tanks

diam 305mm,

length1016mm,    cap 70 litre ,  

  ports qty               port size

         6                   3/4” NPTF

         1                   1/4” NPTF

Brake Chambers. Service, Spring, Disc.
brake chambers
Service Brake Chambers
Part #SizePorts
BC991/4" NPT
BC12121/4" NPT
BC16161/4" NPT
BC20203/8" NPT
BC24243/8" NPT
BC30303/8" NPT
BC30303/8" NPT
brake chambers
Spring Brake Chambers
Part #SizePorts
SB9/129/123/8" NPT
SB12/1612/163/8" NPT
SB16/2416/243/8" NPT
SB20/2420/243/8" NPT
SB24/2424/243/8" NPT
SB24/3024/303/8" NPT
SB30/3030/303/8" NPT
disc brake chambers
Disc Brake Spring Chambers
Part #SizePorts
SB14/16D14/163/8" NPT
SB16/16D16/163/8" NPT
SB16/24D16/243/8" NPT
SB18/24D18/243/8" NPT
SB20/24D20/243/8" NPT
SB24/24D24/243/8" NPT
disc brake service chambers
Disc Brake Service Chambers
Part #SizePorts
BCD14143/8" NPT
BCD16163/8" NPT
BCD20203/8" NPT
BCD24243/8" NPT
BCD30303/8" NPT
Brake Shoes
brake shoes


Brake shoes quick release

Road Pro premium Complete kits springs, shoes, retainers and rollers


Brake shoes quick release

Road Pro 4515gp  Complete kits springs, shoes, retainers and rollers